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During the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich Germany, the Israeli Olympic team was taken hostage and eventually brutally slaughtered by the jihadi Palestinian group Black September. Eleven athletes and coaches were killed during a failed rescue attempt.

On September 5th 1972, the following innocent athletes died a violent death:

Moshe Weinberg (wrestling coach),
Yossef Romano (weightlifter),
Ze'ev Friedman (weightlifter),
David Berger (weightlifter),
Yakov Springer (weightlifting judge),
Eliezer Halfin (wrestler),
Yossef Gutfreund (wrestling referee),
Kehat Shorr (shooting coach),
Mark Slavin (wrestler),
Andre Spitzer (fencing coach),
Amitzur Shapira (track coach).

Honor to their memory!

Today, during the London Olympics, there was... NO moment of silence to honor the victims of the Munich Massacre.

The IOC is not refusing this moment of silence because of their "resistance to politics” or... the pressure of the Arab Ummah.

Rather, it is due to the specific politics the IOC apparently still embraces. Based on its history of Nazi support, greed and the blood on their own hands for inciting the PLO, they will never support Israeli athletes.


Here, an article about the Anti-Semitic Past of the IOC.

German newspaper Der Spiegel wrote in a front-page story in 2012 that the German authorities had a tip-off from a Palestinian informant in Beirut three weeks before the massacre, but the authorities failed to act on the tip, and have never acknowledged it in the following 40 years. The newspaper further adds that this is only part of a 40-year cover-up by the German authorities of the mishandling of the massacre

Germany, SHAME ON YOU!

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Double Standards

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